Bit by Bit is a Charitable Organization that provides Trauma Education workshops. 

                        Trauma Awareness Skills Courses (TASC) is for anyone that has been affected by a traumatic                           stress injury, is supporting a trauma survivor or wants to be trauma educated.

Bit by Bit also trains organizations seeking to develop animal assisted therapies for trauma clients that require trauma training to best suit the varied needs of their clients and best safety practices for the animal.  

     In The News: CTV Atlantic Talks Trauma Training

Watch CTV Atlantic's Mental Health Minute featuring TASC, the Trauma Awareness Skills Course of                     Bit by Bit Trauma Training.  

Why Would An Officer Take Their Own Life?

Inspector John Kelsall, Ontario Provincial Police, speaks openly to filmmaker, Larry Cappetto, about police suicides. “Beyond The Badge - Canada,” Produced by Larry R. Cappetto and Cameron Ward. ©2014


 About TASC

Are you ready to take action and learn more about trauma training and what you can do to help yourself or someone else?                         

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Are you a trauma survivor and in crisis? It is possible to not only survive, but thrive after trauma. For crisis resources, click here.            

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