Program Overview

Our team consists of psychologists, therapists, educators, counselors and volunteer PTSD survivors, collaboratively we have implemented a practical workshop to best address the daily complexities experienced by those living with or supporting people with traumatic stress injuries.  We offer a professional perspective tailored with a personal comprehensive understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress injuries to encourage participants to:

  • seek help within established services
  • develop community resources
  • problem solve 
  • stay connected with the community and others
  • apply multiple coping strategies
  • understand the trauma diagnosis
  • exercise cognitive flexibility
  • rebuild resiliency and optimism
  • beat stigma and regain a sense of purpose 

The TASC workshop is offered in a cooperative adult learning format for maximum retention of information and skill application.  

The course is not intended to diagnose or treat PTSD injuries but instead empower those with acute or complex trauma injuries to choose to have an improved quality of life.  Offering the latest best practice to the family, spouse or employers is advantageous to all.  

The prime benefit of an interactive learning environment is the organic support system of fellow participants as each realizes they are not alone.  An educational format offers much needed insight as well as increased dignity of self-motivation.  Only you know why you are taking this course.  

Changing the outlook and bias of PTSD through informed measures can offer many regained hope in their careers, relationships, retirement/discharge and most importantly self-respect.