About Bit by Bit 

Bit by Bit started as a local farm program where assistive animals offered unparalleled attention and support to those who needed a new approach to their traumatic injury distress.  The success of the assistive animal intervention spurred on further study to seek out dynamic programs as an added benefit. 

Through continual research, education and experience, our team of trainers deliver a high impact learning opportunity for you, your spouse, employer or community leaders. 

Our foundational team get it and all have years of experience working with PTSD or living with it.  What we have learned we will share with you.  Practical and useable strategies are offered for day to day and 'Bit by Bit' living. 

Increase your awareness, learn new skills and reinforce what already works.  Others can learn from you as well as share their successes in a cooperative environment. 

Coming Soon - PTSD National Service Dog